Welcome to the latest edition of the Beneath the Alders e-newsletter--a newsletter mostly about the life and times covered by the Beneath the Alders series, the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

This newsletter is inspired by all things audible, in recognition of the recent release of The Mending in audio format.

About Lorna Dueck and the Recording of The Mending

The audio version of The Mending is narrated by journalist and former broadcaster Lorna Dueck. Why did Lorna choose this book as her foray into book narration? How did she find the experience? Collen asked Lorna these and other questions in this written interview.

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From Serialization to Audible - The Evolution of Fiction

Some people say that listening to an audiobook is not reading a book. Do those people not recall being read to sleep by the soothing tones of a loving family member? From serial books, with chapters produced in successive editions, to bound books often thought inappropriate for refined women, to paperbacks, to ebooks and now to audiobooks, how we read fiction has evolved incredibly over the years. Colleen takes us through a short history.

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The History the Early Recording Industry and His Master’s Voice

Horns blare, people talk, whistles blow, guns are shot, pots are banged, dogs bark and pianos and records are played. There are just some of sounds in the Beneath the Alders series. In this article, I describe the history of early records and record players –phonographs and gramophones.

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The Piano Player

In the early 1900s –before we had televisions for our evening amusements-- people were entertained by the piano. Nearly all of the main characters in the Beneath the Alders series played the instrument to some degree. One character played the piano in the local theater, providing background music to the silent movies. How common was that? Read this article and find out.

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The Mending in Audiobook

You can purchase The Mending wherever you get your audiobooks. If it is not yet available at your library, ask them to order it.

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