Welcome to the latest edition of the Beneath the Alders e-newsletter--a newsletter mostly about the life and times covered by the Beneath the Alders series, the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This Christmas we are reproducing our popular Christmas newsletter of 2021.
Eaton’s Christmas – 1922

Who can remember the Eaton’s department store catalogues, their magnificently decorated store windows and their annual Santa Claus parade.? Read this article Eaton’s Christmas – 1922 to be reminded about these traditions and what became of them.

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The Christmas Truce of 1914

The Great War which had already seen the establishment of vast enemy trench systems, the destruction of property, loss of life and the threat of so much more, took a pause in the no-man’s land between the Allied and German trenches on Christmas day 1914. Because it speaks to peace and harmony at a time of great trial and division, it is a story we cannot be reminded of too often. Read about it in the Ask Colleen article The Christmas Truce of 1914 – Humanity in the face of horror.

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Christmas performance at Grace Church, Brampton 1914

Long before the Sugar Plum Fairy, Clara and the Arab coffee dancers of the Nutcracker ballet graced Canadian stages, Christmas pageants were performed in churches and theatres. The Christmas performance at Grace Church in Brampton in 1914 featured soldiers and A Goddess of Dreams. Read about it in this excerpt from The Beleaguered.

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Joyful Old Christmas

It seems that merchants and retailers have always relied on the holiday season to meet their yearly sales’ targets. In this article Joyful Old Christmas, I looked at the slogans and other implorations made by Brampton retailers in the December 19, 1907 issue of The Conservator, the local Brampton paper. Christmas was only six shopping days away.

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