People the world over think of Rome as the capital of Catholicism; Israel as the epicentre of Judaism; England as the birthplace of Anglicanism. But how many people think of Brampton–the 500,000 person city northwest of Toronto—as being the centre of any religious movement? In the mid-1800’s, Brampton, a community of less than 600 people, was the heart of the Canadian Primitive Methodist movement.

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After reading earlier this month about the tender surgery recently performed by Dr. Daniel McNeely on the bear of his paediatric patient Jason McKie, I went in search of my favourite childhood doll. Baby Secret, with her wiry red hair, had a sweet rubber face and adorable rubber fingers. About 16 inches long, she sported a permanent red jump suit that fit tightly around her firmly packed body with its immovable arms and legs.

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The Armistice

The War to End All Wars ended in 1918, on the eleventh day of the eleventh month. The hostilities that had claimed and maimed millions; that had challenged the natural order of life, marriage, and death for a generation; and that had drained the coffers of the combatants, ended at the eleventh hour of that day. The proclamation of that peace reverberated across the earth. It was proclaimed in Brampton in the early morning hours.

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