The Beleaguered

The Beleaguered is the second book in the “Beneath the Alders”. It tells the story of Jessie Stephens, a young Canadian girl coming of age in a time of war.

The Innocent

The Innocent is the first book in the “Beneath the Alders” series written by Lynne Golding. Check out the “real life” Jesse who inspired the book and the series.

About Lynne

Lynne was born and raised in Brampton, Ontario, where she currently resides. By day she is a corporate lawyer.

Beneath The Alders Series written by Lynne Golding

The Series

Spanning 1907 to 1932, Beneath The Alders Series is the story of Jessie Stephens and her family. Find out more!


See what readers had to say about “The Innocent”.

Speaking Engagements

Lynne is a frequent speaker on the law, politics, women in society and the health sector.

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