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Who wrote this note?
1. Mary Brady to Jethro Stephens
2. Jesse Brady to Louisa Davis
3. Sarah Lawson to Eddie McMurchy

Jessie finally realizes the object of Jim’s heart desire when she sees:
1. The couple sitting together in the branches of an alder tree
2. The couple kissing behind the local bakery
3. The woman’s face fully drawn on the back of a program

Who proposed in this bandstand?

1. Jim Stephens to Millie Dale
2. Michael Lynch to Ina Stephens
3. Eddie McMurchy to Katie McKechnie

Ina’s family required her to end her 1914 romance because the object of her heart’s desire was:

1. Younger and shorter than her
2. Catholic when she was protestant
3. Previously married

Which relationship started on this ship? The one between:

1. Francine and Pierre
2. Jessie and Henry
3. Jane and Robert

The life of Eddie McMurchy, a member of the Royal Air Force in WW1, was most affected by his love for:
1. Sarah Lawson
2. Lucie Paré
3. His parents
4. His best friend Jim

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